Eija-Liisa Rautiainen

I have a PhD in psychology and am an experienced trainer and supervisor. Throughout my professional career I have been interested in dialogues. For me, dialogue is thinking together in a way that respects each other’s otherness and, at its best, creates something new. Being heard, sharing, experiencing, and feeling together is also central to dialogue. Dialogue does not seek predetermined change, rather change can come about through dialogue.

I have long experience as a psychologist working with adults in mental health. My dissertation was on couples therapy for depression. For the last twenty years I have been a full-time trainer in family and couples therapy and dialogical supervision training. I have trained in Open Dialogue trainings internationally. I have also worked as a dialogical supervisor for more than twenty years.

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I provide training in Open Dialogue and dialogical practices. I have been one of the trainers for Open Dialogue trainers’ training in Espoo and London (currently). I have also worked as a trainer in Australia, Switzerland, and Estonia, as well as on some online courses in other countries.

I can offer one- or two-day workshops or longer trainings according to the needs of the organizer. 

I am available for both live and online training.


I offer online supervision for teams using Open Dialogue and dialogical practices.

Eija-Liisa Rautiainen
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